From REAL SIMPLE: Lemony Asparagus w/ Pine Nuts & Parmesan


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This week I decided to try another new recipe from Real Simple. You can find the recipe  and professional photos here, but my favorite part – well, parts – were what I discovered “outside” of the recipe.

First, zesting a lemon is really fun. You can make fun designs, it smells really good and it makes me feel like a gourmet chef.

Hubby: Do you need help in there?

Me: No thanks, dear, I’m zesting.

Hubby: You’ve been in there for hours.

Me: (silence) 

And, when you zest, you can make fun creatures out of your materials too…I call him Leonard the Lemon:

Ok zesting is probably non-essential in this process, but I needed an excuse to share how I’m really an 8-year old in a 28-year old’s body.

Second, I was reminded that it’s the small things that sometimes make a difference. To take the photo you’ll see if you’ve got nothing better to do than keep reading below, I pulled out one of our serving dishes. The hubby, when fixing his plate from said dish, thought it was extra “fancy” since we’re usually scraping whatever mess I’ve made onto our dishes straight from the pan. Got me thinking that even if I’m not some culinary genius, trained under the very finest that the chef-world has to offer, it doesn’t matter…because apparently with the right dish, you can fake it ’til you make it.

I’m gonna need some more plates…

This gourmet delicacy was paired with some regular-ol' baked chicken breasts marinated with teriyaki sauce straight out of the bottle.