Some of you (Mom, Dad, I’m looking at you) may have seen my previous attempt at a blog earlier in the year based upon 11 fun things I plan to do in 2011. Let’s be honest, I failed miserably.

And now, it’s time to pick myself up, brush myself off, get back on that horse, and give it another go.  So, to remind you, here is my initial list…with some minor changes to account for reality…and yes, I’m still taking suggestions.

“Eleven in ’11”

  1. Start a book club. (Status: COMPLETED) Look for some book-related posts to come…if they happen to seem vaguely similar to an analysis from our good friend Cliff or SparkNotes, you’ll understand what got me through many English classes in high school.
  2. Be a part of a flash mob. And I mean all-out, choreographed dancing, music over the loud speaker, broadway production-style flash mob…in case you were wondering:
  3. Visit Slower Lower. (Delaware, that is…)
  4. Run a half marathon with my aforementioned good friend Becky. (We’ll see if she maintains that status after the race…)  Let’s  be honest, unless that half marathon includes a trip to Target, TJMaxx, Marshall’s and back to Target, my changes are slim.  Sorry, Beck!
  5. Take a vacation with my husband to San Francisco.
  6. Start a dinner club. (My husband thinks this is just an excuse to get together with friends…what of it?!?!)
  7. Finally turn in our paperwork for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

To be continued…I hope!