As part of my Eleven in Eleven project for this year, my friend and I started a book club amongst our friends. While the hubby still harbors a certain level of skepticism as to the actual level of discussion about the book itself at our meetings, it’s been really enjoyable, and I believe our English teachers would be quite proud. Each book has been unique and ones that I would not have read otherwise. (I’m more of a “someone-gets-murdered-in-the-first-chapter-and-hero-spends-the-remaining-36-chapters-solving-the-crime” type of gal.)  This month, our book is American Eve: The Birth of the “It” Girl and the Crime of the Century. I’m only on page 28, but it seems like it will be, “a story that haunts the imagination,” as the Los Angeles Times claims it to be in its back-cover review.

We won’t meet until after a friend’s better-than-the-royal wedding this weekend, but I’m looking forward to hearing what the other girls think.

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