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As far as Mondays go, I felt like today went pretty well. I was productive at work, only ate one Strawberry Confetti Cupcake (however, the night is still young), and even ended up at the gym!

Which leads me to my positive post for Monday: “i DON’T like Mondays, but i DO like…”

Body Combat™

a.k.a. kickboxing!

Because we ALL look like part-time super heroes during class...

There’s something about jamming out to the latest techno version of today’s “Top 40,” throwing punches, roundhouse kicks, and probably letting out a little too much aggression than necessary that I just love. And, c’mon, anyone that knows me realizes that in my next life, I REALLY want to be a super cool, super secret agent, a la Sydney Bristow, so it really is a perfect match for me.

I have found, however, that at times during class, I do have to stop my thoughts from getting away with me as I start to believe that I really could take down a bad guy with my jab-cross-jab-hook-hook-jack-punch-clap combo. We’ll see how that works out for me…

*Check out Les Mills for more info and to find a class near you.*