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The Texas State Capitol!

*Thanks to Texas Legislature Online for the photo!*

I was fortunate enough to work under the Pink Dome for more than four years, and it NEVER got old (to me, at least) to point out the Capitol building from the highway and proclaim to anyone in the car with me, “THAT’S my office!”  I remember during my first week of work wondering to myself if the mystique of the Capitol would ever wear off. It didn’t. It still doesn’t.  In fact, the last time I found myself walking up the drive (this time, as a visitor), I wanted to cry I was so excited to be back.

But more than just the pink granite, the terrazzo floors and the goddess of liberty, what makes the building so special to me are the people who work in it. The two parking guards on the East Side – one of whom is a Iwo Jima survivor; the countless number of troopers who were always up for a mid-afternoon chat – or to take down a “bad guy” on the South steps; the men and women down in the Capitol Grille – who usually gave me free cream cheese and never judged me even though it may have been my fourth trip that day; and of course, my wonderful boss and co-workers who became more than just the people I work with, they became my dear friends.

What do YOU like?

**Coincidentally, on this day in 1888, the Texas State Capitol was dedicated to the public.**