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Jersey Mike’s Subs!

Happy (and delicious) Subs!!

It seems like sub shops are a dime a dozen now-a-days, and given the fact that I typically order a veggie sandwich – which in my mind, is *almost* impossible to mess up – I don’t really need to be that picky when making my sandwich shop decisions.

HOWEVER…what sets Jersey Mike’s far above and beyond the rest – and keeps me coming back – is the incredible customer service that we receive each and every time we go in. For example, our first visit:

Jersey Mike: Hey guys, how’s it going?

Lazy Housewife and Hubby: Good, how ’bout you?

Jersey Mike: Doing good, guys, doing good. Every day I work, I’m one day closer to being a millionaire.

Ok, ok – I admit it. Nothing ground-breaking. I bet you were expecting more, like a free sandwich, extra cheese, or something of that nature. But I just LOVED the guy’s attitude. Instead of being annoyed that he was working inside on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, he made up his mind that he would view each day of work as bringing him one step closer to his goals. We could all learn a lesson from Mr. Jersey Mike.

(And the subs are pretty dang good too!)