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Apparently back in ’06, Alabama named Peaches its official state tree fruit. This, of course, drew the ire of Georgia, who we all know as the “Peach State,” and the good ol’ battle of the South even gained coverage by them “Damn Yankees” at the New York Times. South Carolina got pulled into it, siding with Alabama…probably because they hate Georgia, as a fellow East Division SEC team…and all hell broke loose.

I digress…

In my mind, there are few things better on a hot summer day, than a ripe, sweet juicy peach. I just bought a bunch this weekend and they are delicious. So good, in fact, that I’ll add them to my How-can-you-not-believe-that-God-loves-you-and-wants-you-to-be-happy-because-no-man-could-create-something-THAT-delicious?! list. (In case you’re wondering, pineapple is also on that list as well.)

All this talk about peaches makes me hungry, so on that note…Happy Monday!