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What I like most about book club (besides the excuse to get together with a bunch of wonderful ladies each month to nosh and catch up on life) is that it has encouraged me to read  books that I would not have otherwise picked up.

Case in point:

Last month, our book was none other than Dallas native Kim Gatlin’s Good Christian B*tches. And it was just what I expected. Although a friend of mine – a new Dallasite – expressed some reservations about making friends here in the Big D after reading the book (haha), I thought it was an entertaining – and (hopefully) very exaggerated – glimpse into why some Dallas stereotypes exist. I have to say, what  most enjoyed was picking up on the Dallas locales Gatlin references throughout the book (even as a new Dallasite myself), my favorite being:

It was actually hard to figure out a reason to leave Hillside Park…The community certainly had all the churches anybody could ask for, as well as three country clubs…[and] three shopping areas with all the high-end stores to which anyone could aspire...It was said that the two most popular sorts in Hillside Park were golf and illegally subsidizing the university football team.

Note: That’s not a knock on the Mustangs by any means. Shoot…I graduated from FSU, for goodness’ sake,  where if you remember just a few short years ago, we had our own proud moment as 5 dozen Seminoles were caught up in their own academic cheating scandal. Just sayin’

I’d recommend it…it was an easy read and pretty entertaining. I think the consensus among the group is that we’re all interested to see how the TV show turns out. I’m thinking it’s a Real Housewives meets Desperate Housewives type of ordeal.

Courtesy of Brown Books Publishing Group