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One of the many things I’m grateful to my parents for is that they “made” me eat fruits and veggies growing up. They’ve always been a part of my diet, and, truth be told…I really like them!! This morning, as I was trying to decide what my Saturday break-a-lunch snack would be (you know, that snack you eat after you’ve eaten breakfast, while you’re waiting for your hubby to get out of bed so you can go eat lunch?? break-a-lunch. Google it. It’s a word.), I decided to take it back “old school” and make myself some super easy baked apples.  De-lish!

My Mom’s Fake-Baked Apples

Cut up one apple of your choice (I like Granny Smith) into bite-sized chunks.

Sprinkle some Splenda on the chunks.

Ok, this is a step I added...Sorry Mom!

Add some Cinnamon.

I just sprinkle a bit over the top and then shake the apples around to spread.

“Bake” for 1-2 minutes.

And by "bake", I mean stick it in the microwave!

Careful…the bowl may be hot.