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The McKinney Avenue Trolley!

Lookin' good for 100 years old, huh?? (Photo courtesy of MATA.org)

For the first nine months I lived in Dallas, I rode the trolley to and from work. It’s such a fun mode of transportation and I felt so “Uptown Chic” when I could help a first-time rider figure out their stop and where they were going. Over the course of my rides, I got to know a few of the drivers, or Motormen, as their hats suggest, and I am so impressed by their passion and knowledge of all-things streetcar, Dallas and railroad history in general.

I highly recommend taking a ride on the M-Line, if you’re in the Dallas area…there are great restaurants along the route, an art museum (which I still haven’t visited), and…SHOPPING!!

As the website says, rides are free 365 days out of the year…and in this summer heat, there’s nothing better than stepping up onto one of those glorious, air-conditioned cars. I have been known to chase the trolley down…when it’s 100-plus degrees, I have no shame!

Don’t judge me.