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If you’re anything like me, over the course of a cooking (or baking) adventure, there’s always that one tool or gadget that you know would just make the process SO much easier. Whether it’s an immersion blender when I’m making soup , or a third hand when I’m trying to scrape cake batter out of a heavy bowl, I usually catch myself saying, “If only I had a ______.”

As I was making cookies this morning (while the hubby was at the gym), I found myself thinking that very thought…except this time, I found the ultimate cookie-making tool right in my very own drawer. Behold:

Ta daaaaa!

I know it seems simple, and I think this was actually made for something else, but let me tell you…if you’ve ever wondered what “dropping dough into a rounded tablespoon” looked like, this tool’s for you. The cookies come out (pretty much) the same size and it’s much, much easier (and less messy) than any other technique I’ve tried before.

This morning, I thought I’d change up the Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe a bit to make Choco-PB Chip Cookies. (Basically, I substituted one of the two cups of chocolate morsels the recipe called for with a cup of Reeses Peanut Butter Chips.) I think they came out quite delicious, if you ask me!