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I love weddings. And I love Colorado. And when those two powers loves combine, it’s pretty much heaven (which is where the hubby and I and some really great friends spent this past weekend).

This was the view riding up the chair lift...

I’ve often said that there are two (ok, maybe a few more) things in this world that I think absolutely prove God’s existence and that He loves us. The first? Pineapple. Think about it: How could something THAT delicious not have an omnipotent creator who cares about our happiness?! It’s just too dang good. The second? The mountains. The juxtaposition of something so rugged, yet beautiful…harsh, yet inviting…and just so darn awe-inspiring, they can’t help but point towards a God who is both loving, yet just…omnipresent, yet close enough to hear my prayers…you get my point.

But I digress…the bride looked stunning, the groom has never looked happier, and although I came home with a few scrapes and bruises from trying to “Vin Diesel” it a little too much at the Alpine Slide, all-in-all, I’d say it was an absolutely perfect weekend! Here are a few pics:

Yes, there was snow on the mountain, and yes, we went tubing in flip flops. (Please ignore my obvious need for a pedicure!)

The (very) newlyweds!

Don't I have beautiful friends?