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I have a confession…it’s only Monday, and I’m already eating pizza for dinner. At 9 o’clock at night. As my post-workout meal. And I’ll probably have dessert.

Boy am I glad I got that off my chest – and straight to my hips.

As I just finished masticating chewing (that one was for my sis-in-law) my last bite of yummy goodness, the age-old question came to mind: Why DID the chicken cross the road? How many ways can I use rotisserie chicken this ? I mean, really! Talk about one of the quintessential tools in the lazy housewife toolkit:

Step one: Drive to local grocery store.
Step Two: Find warming tray in said grocery store.
Step Three: Purchase chicken from warming tray.
Step Four: Transfer to platter to make it “homemade”.

So, my challenge, should I choose to accept it, is to find new ways to prepare the rest of this chicken before I get bored with it. No repeats…no retreat…no surrender. (Sorry, one of the Bond movies was on at the gym tonight and it’s got me in “bad guy” kicking mode.)

Tonight, it was BBQ chicken pizza..SO SO yummy and super easy…you can find the recipe for the dough on the Pioneer Woman’s website.

Who knows what tomorrow may bring?

And please, if I crash and burn on this challenge, let’s pretend like it never even happened.