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Are your weekday mornings anything like mine? You know…:

Alarm goes off
Jump out of bed
Throw dogs out back
Run back inside to turn off significant other’s alarm.
Brush Teeth
Take shower Nah…
Wake up significant other (because 27 alarms just won’t cut it)
Feed dogs
Put on makeup
Yank bed covers off of significant other
Fix hair
Find something that fits…and shoes that match.
Threaten significant other that the dogs and/or pail of water will be the next thing that awakens his dawn.
Let dogs out.
Run outside because said dogs have found a squirrel to “talk to.”
Find keys. Find phone. Find Computer. Find keys again.

And then it hits me…I still need to pack lunch.

Well, this week, in keeping with my chicken escapades, my laziness paid off with a really easy yummy “grown up lunch box”-approved meal: Chicken Nut Squash Soup…or is it Butter Chicken Squash Soup? or Butter Nutty Chicken Soup? Whatever you want to call it, it’s delicious.

I’ve made my own butternut squash soup before, and while it was delicious, it made a mess. I just didn’t have the right tools (or, quite frankly, the space). This recipe, however, is a perfect solution, but pay careful attention…it’s quite complex:

About a handful of shredded or bite size chicken.

Full disclosure: I just found this through a Google image search, but HOLY COW...you can buy it already off the bone and shredded?! I love the 21st Century!

A bowl of canned…or boxed…butternut squash soup.

I've tried this, Amy's, V8...they're all pretty good.

Combine. Heat in microwave. Enjoy.