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I wish I was more creative could get my act together when it comes to Halloween costumes. I have friends who have it down to a science. Double Dare contestants. Doug and Patti Mayonnaise. I mean, really…it’s pretty impressive. Me? My last stroke of genius was in highschool (?) where I dressed up as a Jack in the Box. And, I’m pretty sure I made it about 2 hours before going trick-or-treating.

We’re not dressing up this year, but I still like to see what other creative geniuses have come up with…and now, thanks to Pinterest, it’s all at my fingertips in one place. (We’ll talk about my obsession with pinterest later.) So, without further delay…ENJOY!:

Photo courtesy of More Than Words Can Describe

I KNOW, RIGHT?? Click here to read how this not-lazy-in-the-least-bit mom created the cutest costume I’ve ever seen.

This one just makes me smile too…

Audrey Hepburn - How CUTE is this little girl??

I’m sure I could never convince the hubby to wear suspenders, but maybe a spoon full of sugar would help the idea along:

Mary Poppins via Grosgain Fabulous

And last, but not least, we can’t forget our four-legged friends:

Photo via The Flirty Blog

I’m not sure what’s more impressive, the costume itself, or the fact that the dog actually looks happy to be wearing it!

Happy Halloween, Y’all!