The darling hubby got me a Kindle for Christmas this year, which is definitely the gift that keeps on giving. I was initially skeptical of e-readers when they came out, as I feel there is NOTHING like the smell and feel of a good ol’ fashioned paperback. (Old is the key word here…what is it about that musty “old book” smell that just makes everything feel alright?) However, my skepticism has turned to high praise as I quickly devoured four books within the first week of owning the magical device. I’ve found it’s especially great for traveling as those four books only took up the space of my tiny little electronic device in my bag…and, no one knows what you’re reading, which I’m hoping will reduce the judgmental eyes from my boss and other travelers as I read “Shopaholic goes to Debt Counseling…Again” during a work trip.

One of the books I read over Christmas was “Heaven is for Real” by Todd Burpo. It recounts his four-year old son’s trip to heaven and back during an emergency life-threatening surgery. To say it was thought-provoking and incredibly moving is an understatement. I laughed. I cried. And I kept reading.

Sure, I’ll concede that some may take issue with the four-year old’s “theology” about heaven. And yet, I think that is my favorite part…that to this four-year old, it’s the basics that truly matter and that to him, it was all about Jesus.

Let me know what you think…