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Over the Christmas break, I had time to read…and read…and read. And it was awesome. I’m usually one that reads “bad-a$$-spy/detective-saves-world-with-an-iPhone-and-a-paperclip” or “less-than-bad-a$$-female-bounty-hunter-finds-herself-in-yet-another-hilarious-predicament-and-must-be-saved-by-mysterious-handsome-it’s-complicated-boyfriend” type books because…well, just because. This Christmas, however, I stepped out of my box and read a few non-fiction, current event-ish books that were entertaining and eye-opening.

Little Princes is a story about children torn from their homes during a civil war in Nepal and one American’s (with the help of a Frenchman) journey to reunited them with their families. I am embarrassed to admit I had no idea what had happened on that side of the world and realize that there is so much more to the story than I could ever know. To me, I still cannot fathom the idea of human trafficking or how monsters can take advantage of vulnerable, helpless children. What I loved about this story, however, is that instead of focusing on the injustice these children faced before some of them even lost their first tooth, it focused on the hope and tenacity of these children and those fighting for them to overcome their circumstances and move forward.

I highly recommend this book. You’ll learn something – and enjoy yourself at the same time.