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I’m so blessed to have friends who, when hearing about the next crazy/random/downright silly project I want to do around the house, immediately respond with, “Oh you totally should – it’d be a great blog post!” This aforementioned friend always makes such creative dishes when she and the mister have us over for dinner, so when we decided to watch The Bachelor at my house this evening, I thought I’d try to mix it up a bit too.

I found a recipe for Mac and Cheese last night with an intriguing ingredient: winter squash. I figured, at 45 degrees here in Dallas, it’s pretty much winter, so I thought it’d be a good fit. The recipe was pretty easy (minus a few messy mishaps that involved an overflowing, boiling pot of orange goo) and made A TON. It came out ok…I think next time I’ll add more cayenne pepper to kick it up a notch…but I DID really like the unique texture the squash brought to the table – pun always intended. The darling hubby’s sentiments have been previously expressed in the title of this post. (In his defense, however, I totally get where he’s coming from – though I’m not quite sure velveeta can officially be classified as “cheese,” it is pretty dang good.)

The recipe can be found here. And PS – After spending several freezing minutes in the veggie section of the frozen foods aisle to no avail, I FINALLY found the frozen pureed winter squash over by the natural/organic/healthy foods section freezer.