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When my parents lived in D.C., they had a peach tree in their front yard that was very…fruitful. Even after the thieves came to take their share (both four- and two-legged), they were usually left with quite a bounty each season. My dad discovered a super easy cobbler recipe that my family – and many of the neighbors on their street – enjoyed! I, of course, substitute the fresh, sliced peaches with canned apple pie filling, but I think it still does the trick.

Dad’s Fruit Cobbler (a.k.a. Krusteaz Cinnamon Crumb Cake Mix)

You’ll need:

2 cans apple pie filling

1 package crumb cake mix with cinnamon topping

1 stick of butter, softened & chopped into pieces

1 c. oats

1 T. water

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a large bowl, sprinkle about 3/4 c. of cake mix over the apple pie filling and stir, until equally covered. Dump into 2-qt casserole dish.

In separate bowl, combine remaining mix, cinnamon topping, butter, oats and water and mix with an electric mixer until crumbly.

Spoon over apple mixture.

Bake for 35 mins, or until it gets bubbly.