About TLDH

I hate to clean. Dishes. Laundry. Vacuuming. Dusting. I just don’t like it. In fact, I dislike it so much I will gladly suggest a weekend trip to the fish store, hockey store, yes, even guitar store to delay the domestic demons that await me upon return.

I don’t hate to cook…I’m just not that great at it. And really, after work, (attempting to go to) the gym, and taking care of the furry ones, I’d usually much rather have a bowl of cereal, frozen pizza, or maybe even ice cream (one of the benefits of being a ‘grown up’) for dinner instead of making a normal meal for hubby-dearest and I. And while I also enjoy popping down to our neighborhood bar & grille for a quick bacon avocado burger and glass of wine, it can take a toll on the ol’ bank account – and waistline.

What follows is my attempt to put a well-rounded meal on our table  TV trays without losing my sanity (but maybe losing a few inches)…and some other snippets and peeks into the life of this lazy (working) housewife, my handsome (and somewhat loud) husband, and two wonderfully mischievous mutts.


My mom "gets" me...these napkins were in my stockings a few years ago.

– The Lazy Dallas Housewife

*Header Photo Courtesy of rgallant_photography.


1 thought on “About TLDH”

  1. LOL! Love ya girl!

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