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Over the Labor Day weekend, we had a chance to go visit my family in Long Neck, DE. a.k.a. “Lower Slower”  It was a great, family-and-friends-filled time with great food, great weather and great company!

I lovingly refer to Delaware as a “black hole.” (Keyword: lovingly) Why’s that, you ask? Well, in the simplest of terms, no one ever leaves. And if, by some rare chance you do move away, don’t worry, you eventually get sucked right back in. Now, let me be clear…this is one of the state’s best qualities…my parents (who, in true black hole fashion, have moved back to “The First State” after being away for more than 20 years) have reconnected with friends they went to high school with. Everyone knows everybody…or is related to someone you know…or worked with someone you know…seriously, it puts Kevin Bacon to shame with about 2 1/2 degrees of separation. But I digress…

I always love spending time with family…or those life-long friends who have become family…I’ll let the pics speak for themselves:

MomMom & Mark


Mom and I...(Note: She is NOT a lazy housewife.)


Mark had a chance to get in the water.


Love you Mom & Dad!

We're just missing one cousin...