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Oh how I love alliterations…ok, maybe not a perfect set, but work with me here.

Who here likes cereal for dinner? C’mon…you know you do. Whenever the hubby travels, I can guarantee you my evening meals will consist of cereal, a piece of cheese and most likely, ice cream. Perfection.

Unfortunately, however, when I’m cooking for the both of us, the man of the house is looking for something with a little more substance. And after almost six years of marriage, I’ve learned that compromise is everything. Enter “Corn Flake Chicken Fingers.” It’s inspired by one of my gluten-free friends, who introduced me to a similar recipe using GF Bisquick. You can find the recipe I based this on on the back of a Kellogg’s Corn Flakes cereal box, or click here. I didn’t use milk or flour…because I didn’t have any…and it still turned out pretty crispy!

I used my food processor to crush the cereal – it worked pretty well.

I meant to add some cayenne pepper to give the dish a little “kick,” but I forgot. I substituted the broiler chicken for chicken tenders. I recommend using LOTS more cooking spray than you think you need…some of our fingers fell victim to sticky pans.